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Stevenson and Marshall are in the unique position in Fife of having two solicitors who are recognised with national accreditation for their expertise in legal support for older and vulnerable clients, their families and carers.

The accreditation is awarded by The Association of Lifetime Lawyers, the organisation setting the standards for the highest quality legal advice in specialist areas, such as wills, powers of attorney and asset management.

To achieve this accreditation, our solicitors were required to undertake assessment to demonstrate solid understanding of the specific needs and considerations required when safeguarding and protecting older clients’ interests.

When it comes to planning ahead for later life, getting the right advice is essential. As Lifetime Lawyers accredited solicitors we are experts in this area of the law and understand the wider, often sensitive, issues around health, care and family that may need consideration. We understand the issues affecting older and vulnerable clients and follow a strict code of practice with respect and dignity at its heart.

The main areas of older client law we cover are:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Making a Will
  • Living Wills
  • Tax planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Trusts
  • Estate administration
  • Paying for care
  • Will disputes

In order to be a fully accredited member of Lifetime Lawyers,  solicitors must have a minimum of three years experience advising in areas of older client law and have completed the Older Client Care in Practice Award – a qualification that demonstrates the specialist client care skills that enable lawyers to advise and support older and vulnerable clients.

We are also required to continuously update our knowledge with training and produce an annual statement of competence, which ensures we maintain our expertise.

Ultimately, choosing an Lifetime Lawyers accredited solicitor means you’ll be guided through this complex and sensitive area of law and will enable you to lay solid foundations to protect you and your loved ones in later life.

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