Property Dept. Update - We are open from 10 June

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

We’re delighted to announce that we are re-opening our property department in advance of the expected relaxation in lockdown guidance allowing house sales and purchases to proceed.  We’d just like to reiterate that until Phase 2 is implemented, hopefully from 18th June, the current guidance is very clear and strictly no viewings, listings or pre-sale valuations can take place.


Once Phase 2 has been given the green light to proceed the guidance as set out in the Scottish Government’s Roadmap states that members of the public will be allowed to leave their homes in order to undertake certain activities in connection with the purchase and sale of residential properties which are expected to include visiting estate agents viewing residential properties, preparing a residential property to move in, moving home or visiting a residential property to undertake any activities required for the sale of that property. We will monitor this closely and advise all current clients accordingly and, of course, welcome new clients. Just to clear the Scottish Government have not yet issued detailed guidance on how the property market should operate but we anticipate that this will be issued very soon. It is very likely it will not be too dissimilar to the guidance issued by the UK Government.


Once the Property Market resumes after the coming into force of phase 2, it most likely won’t be ‘as before’. Social Distancing will need to be observed for viewings which are likely to be appointment only. There will undoubtedly be a growth in virtual viewings and initial valuations. Those attending viewings, as well as likely being qualified (to confirm they or anyone in their household doesn’t have symptoms of COVID-19 and their status as a buyer) before the appointment is made, will also likely be encouraged or instructed to wear appropriate protection such as a mask and gloves and advised to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.


What will the market look like post lockdown? What we can say for certain is the market was very buoyant before we went into lockdown, interest rates are now at an all-time low and there is a significant increase in property enquiries through our website and telephone enquiries. We remain positive and optimistic that there will be a significant demand for properties when the market is unlocked. In the meantime as of tomorrow 10 June please contact our Property Manager, Amanda Newby on or 01383- 742653 and Amanda will be able to deal with any queries or questions that you have

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