Sunday, 19th November 2017

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Agricultural & Rural Law

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Stevenson & Marshall - advising farmers for over 100 years

At Stevenson & Marshall LLP we have specialised in agricultural law matters for more than 100 years.  We currently act for farmers and landowners as far apart as the Northern Isles and the Borders.

The price of land has held up remarkably well in spite of the recession and uncertainties over the future of the single farm payment, and long may it continue!
The new enthusiasm for renewable energy and the tax breaks which are on offer has become the big issue for many in rural areas.  There are many “experts” combing the countryside for suitable sites for turbines, solar panels and hydro schemes.  “Free deals for farmers” are on offer with all that that entails.  As ever, no one should sign even the most promising looking Heads of Terms or Exclusivity Agreement without a clear understanding of what is involved
It is no wonder that all sections of the rural community are seeking expert advice before going ahead with land based transactions. Our Associate, Lynsey Pender is pleased to continue our tradition of expert help in this field of law.

Our services include:

Agricultural and Rural Law

Agricultural and Rural Law

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